Sea Star 7

1998 Bayliner LeClercq

We are almost out of food - we have to go hunting

By the time Melissa finished up a morning conference call, Dave had purchased a crabbing license and plans were set to head off to hunt up some crabs.  Apparently, we are nearly out of food and have to go hunting.   Ahem.  Well, sort of.  We have steak.  And we need crab to make steak and crab Oscar.  So we aren’t exactly going to starve if we don’t catch any.

We pull up a very muddy anchor chain in Poulsbo and head out to Port Madison to set down our two traps set with chicken legs and leftover lamb bones.  The lamb bones might seem strange, but there’s a history of success there.  (

We go the public dock at Suquamish to hang for a few hours waiting for our crab.  Jim, Dave, and Melissa walk into the town – such as it is.  A “one horse town” to be sure – a mini mart they call a grocery store, a fire station, and a pub.  While sitting at the dock, a summer camp full of kids comes by to tour the police boat parked on the same dock.  Several of the kids comment they would rather tour our boat.

Jim and Melissa head back out to pick up the crab traps.  We realized that Dave needed to stay aboard Sea Star 7 as captain.  But he was the one with the crab license.  Oh well.  We tried to be legal anyway.  We pull up one trap with two nice sized red rock crabs, and a second trap with nothing but babies.  Still, two nice red rock will do for dinner.

When we return to the boat, Jim cleans and cooks them up for dinner.

We stop off at Jennifer’s house and pick up her mooring buoy.  We decided on a new technique - picking it up on the stern and walking it up forward.  Worked great!

A number of cracks are made about whether the engines will start again as this is where the engine died last year.  Jim and Melissa prep dinner while Jennifer finishes up her meetings.  At 4pm Dave retrieves her and a couple of bottles of good red wine from shore.

Dinner of steak, crab, bearnaise, along with spinach salad and a fresh baked flat bread are served!

While at dinner, a couple of military planes in formation keep flying overhead.

After dinner Dave takes Jennifer ashore.

We head off to Ostrich Bay for a last night on the anchor.  Melissa (aka Chief Operations Officer) is still busy underway on a number of Mexican HOA issues.  But we settle in for a quiet night.

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