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Wine and cheese fest that wasn't

We spent the weekend at Sagecliff resort, which used to be known as Cave B.  The winery Cave B is still here, but the resort was separated from the winery.  Years ago we visited here and loved it.  The view of the Gorge is like a painting.  This time we stayed in Cliffhouse 15 which is way off by it…

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Missoula Yurt

We drove to Missoula MT and stayed in a Yurt.  Very cute.  We were on our own for dinner – so we made beef stroganoff and watched the new Top Gun movie.  Well, the first half anyway.  We’re getting old, and it seems we can only watch half a movie before falling asleep.

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After breakfast with the ranch family, we headed off to Yellowstone.  We stayed at Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel – a historic hotel inside the park.  The drive across the whole of Yellowstone was interesting.  The whole eastern part of the park is burned up.  For miles all you can see is burned up tree…

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We survived Lidia

We’ve been watching Lidia for days now, wondering where she will come ashore.  The staff has been madly prepping for the storm.  They rolled up the rugs, put towels under the sliding glass doors, and taped up the windows.

We lost power overnight, so we couldn’t watch the surf camera, …

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K3 Ranch

After picking up a new computer for Melissa on Amazon Prime Day, we headed for Cody WY.  We were supposed to visit the Buffalo Bill museum here.  But we were too worn out and decided to crash at the ranch we are staying at – K3 Ranch.  We are the last of the guests, they are locking up tomorrow …

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Mt. Rushmore

Today we visited Mt. Rushmore with Char and Dan.  Its impressive – the scale of it is so massive.  We wore our Mammoth Site sweatshirts.  We then departed for Buffalo WY where we had dinner with Daniel.  Being a Monday, almost all the restaurants were closed, so we ended up at a small Mexican joint.…

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Today we toured all over South Decota. 

We had a picnic in the Custer State Park and drove all over looking at the wildlife.  They recently rounded up all 1500 of the park’s buffalo, so most of them were still in a group.

We went for a walk at Sylvan Lake.

We drove the Needles H…

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Casper WY and Hill City SD

Yesterday we drove from Park City to Casper WY.  We had an early dinner at a steakhouse.  What else do you do in Wyoming.  Apparently, all they eat here is steak.  We stayed at the C’mon Inn.  Their claim to fame is a series of hot tubs and pools inside the hotel.  The hot tub was a disappointment. …

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Park City UT

We left Uncle Bob’s place and drove to Park City UT.  Melissa worked the whole way.  We stopped at an Applebees for lunch and had burgers.  Much to our surprise, we were able to get Margaritas in UT at lunchtime.  We stayed at the Hyatt.  They upgraded us for free to a room with a balcony.  Which in…

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China Ranch

We went with Uncle Bob and Aunt Joyce to China Ranch – a date plantation outside of Pahrump.  So named because the guy that originally ran the ranch was Chinese.  He apparently disappeared without a trace.  Somewhat understandable as the desert out here is vast.

The road into the ranch i…

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Melissa gets to meet Robin

Before leaving town, we wanted to stop by to see Robin.  Robin worked for Melissa for a couple of years.  But because of COVID restrictions, we had never met face to face.  Was a blast to get to see her new house, her son Jordan, and catch up on everything!

We then made the drive from San …

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Point Loma

Mike had to work today, so we took Holly over to Shelter Island for lunch at the Vessel Restaurant.  Its right on the marina.  After that we went up to Point Loma to take a look back across San Diego and down to Tijuana.  The view is spectacular.  After a quick stop at Costco and the grocery store, …

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We left Bakersfield early after saying goodbye to Kelly, Nicole, and Carson.  We made the trek to San Diego and found Mike and Holly’s house no problem.  We headed over to Octoberfest, where we were going to meet Rob and Rose.  Rose was one of the German American club committee members – so she had …

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