Sea Star 7

1998 Bayliner LeClercq

Spa Day

In the morning we made the quick trip from Montague to Ganges.  Jim had a massage scheduled at 11:30 so we dropped him and Margaret off on the dock while we waited for a slip.  Jim went and rented the car.  The dock was three feet off the water so climbing on and off the boat is done on the sides instead of the step on the back.

Dave went to plug in the 50 amp shore power cord, and, yet again, one phase didn’t work right.  He pulled out the 30 amp and plugged it in.  We’ve seen this about half the marinas – the 50 amp would work only on one phase.  Dave was going to go buy a new end for the cable and rewire it, but didn’t have time enough before we have to leave for lunch.  So he decides to take the old one apart and take a look.  Sure enough, some fool wired it back together at some point with the black wire too short.  So whether it worked probably depended on which way the shore plug was oriented and hence which way the cable was bent.  He rewires the thing, and voila.  Works.  Whoever did electrical work on this boat before we bought it hadn’t a clue.

We went for lunch at our favorite cider place.  Food there is so good. 

But given it was Canada Day, it was crazed and the food came only a few minutes before we had to leave for the spa.  But that was ok because the leftovers (along with a couple of bottles of cider) made for snacks at the hydrotherapy experience at Solstice Spa.

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