Sea Star 7

1998 Bayliner LeClercq

Re-anchoring in the Dark

We left Roche Harbor for Eastsound.  We’ve never anchored in Eastsound, and now we are puzzling as to why.  It’s a great bay with protection from all but south winds.  And there is a nice dingy dock near town that allows access to the stores and restaurants.


When we anchored, we let out more than 200 feet – which means we are on the rode and can’t use our normal anchor snubber technique that attaches to the chain.  Dave had to give us a lesson in how to tie the rode to the deck cleat properly as we’ve not had to do that before.

After a lunch of all the leftovers in the fridge, we headed into town to pick up a few groceries.

Dinner was stuff mushroom appetizers made by Melissa, and grilled lamb, zucchini, and cranberry quinoa.

After dark, Dave started fretting about the winds, which were forecast to come out of the south.  We let out more rode, but that put us too close to a neighboring boat.  Dave considers whether we move to a different anchorage.  Melissa puts the kybosh on that as an uncomfortable night is better than hitting a log in the dark.  We decide to pull up the anchor and reset it further away from the other boats.  This turns out to be harder than it should have been because Dave can’t figure out how to turn down the brightness on the navigation screens.  They effectively give him night blindness – and now he can’t see at all in the dark.  Melissa tells him which way to turn until we reach a point in the bay that she is sure we can put down the anchor safely, and we just put out all 300 feet of chain and rode.  That lesson earlier in the day about how to tie off the rode to the deck comes in handy.

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