Sea Star 7

1998 Bayliner LeClercq

Post Mortem on Sea Star's Anchor

Breakfast was a sausage and egg scramble with bacon.

After the last two nights anchor craziness, we wake up late and dragging.  We are the ones dragging now, not the boat.  Dave calls Anacortes marina to get us a slip for the night as we really don’t want another night out in the high winds as apparently even in a protected anchorage our anchor doesn’t have a lot of holding power.  We suspect the issues last night have to do with eel grass on the bottom, but still, we never had these issues with Apsaras and we anchored in much higher winds with big ocean swell and never drug.  Sea Star is probably going to get a new anchor.  The one she has is a custom model made just for this boat.  We knew that this season we would be testing this to see whether we were happy with it.  We're not.

But its not in the design that has the most holding power and will automatically reset itself if you do swing round and unseat it.  The Rocna design has a hoop on the top that forces it to roll over and properly position itself again.  This is the type we put on Apsaras that never gave us any trouble.

Rocna Spade Anchor (Stainless Steel) - 154 lb (69.9 kg) | MAURIPRO Sailing

We also agree on a new shutdown procedure when at anchor.  We will turn off the spare display, turn the remaining screen to the lowest brightness setting, and configure it to overlay radar on the map.  That way if we do wake up in the middle of the night and have to re-anchor, we will have the tools configured to make it much easier.  Dave is also going to work on getting an anchor alarm set up.

We pulled into Anacortes to find our assigned slip occupied.  They gave us a new slip assignment and Dave put it on the dock pretty as you please.

We all mostly just sat around chilling.  Though before we went to dinner at Anthony's here on the dock, the guys decided to diagnose the water maker problem.  They get out the manuals and drawings.  Turns out that Dave's initial assessment appears correct.  Its the low pressure pump gone out.  There is no rebuild kit and a new one is $1400.  Dave vows to take the pump apart and see if he can fix it first.


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