Sea Star 7

1998 Bayliner LeClercq

Flooded Head

Before we depart on our road trip, we wanted to see Charly and Nomi.  So they came aboard for a lunchtime cruise.  We headed around Mercer Island – which we’ve not done previously in Sea Star.  We had some good food – Nomi brough fresh shrimp which we made into an appetizer, and then we had halibut that Kelly and Leta gave us along with a green bean salad.

Somewhere along the way Charly went to the forward head, and accidentally left the lever in the up position – which ultimately emptied 200 gallons of water onto the floor.  It was a bit of a mess!  Took us a while with towels to mop it all up.  We took out the floor boards and put them in the sun to dry and turned on fans and heaters to dry up the rest.

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