Sea Star 7

1998 Bayliner LeClercq

Back to the home slip

At dawn, Margaret awakened and took a great shot of the quiet bay.  If you look carefully you can see the moon and a couple of planets about to wink out.

This morning we had a plan to all be sitting on the couch with our cinnamon rolls and coffee when Orson rang us up for our morning workout.  Alas he was a no show.  We learned later he slipped and fell in the rain and busted his phone the night before so he couldn’t even tell us he had no way to communicate.

We pulled up anchor and headed back to Seattle and then through the locks.  We drove directly into the small lock without a wait.

When we got back to our home dock, we fiddled around with a number of cleanup items.  Jim went diving for the missing plastic plate that fell off the boat last season.  Alas, no luck.  Margaret finished cleaning the interior vinyl.  Melissa caught up on blogging.

A couple of hours after docking, Dave discovered the inverter had failed.  We were running off batteries instead of shore power.  This is not good.  The guys spend 30 minutes diagnosing.  Melissa fixed a quick lunch for everyone.  Dave and Jim continue to ponder.  Ultimately the solution was – the shore power cord had been knocked partly loose when the guys were working on diving for the missing plate and wanted to let the boat swing out from the dock somewhat to let more light underneath the boat.

All in all we did 844 nm.  Very nearly all the way to the top of Vancouver Island.  Next year – Alaska!

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