Sea Star 7

1998 Bayliner LeClercq

4th of July in Roche Harbor

Roche Harbor is littered with boats.

Many of which, like us, are decked out for the 4th of July.

At one point, Dave spots a boat sideways to the wind sailing drifting down the bay.  They had broken loose off their anchor and are dragging through all the boats.  Before any of us can blink, Dave is in the dingy and zipping off to help.

Using the dingy as a tugboat, he pushes it so that its not in line to hit anyone.  Fortunately, another boat has also sent help.  They go aboard to put down more anchor chain and Dave goes to check its secure.

There were two women aboard the boat, totally freaking out.  The husbands had gone to shore.  When they broke loose, they had not the foggiest idea what to do.  When the husbands arrived back, they rolled up the anchor – ultimately so they could re-anchor back near where they started.  It appeared to us they were dragging again.  So Jim and Dave speed off only to find they don’t need a second rescue.

A short time later, Dave spots a dingy in trouble and again goes to try and help.  This time they say they have friends on the way to get them, so not to worry.

Lunch was hot dogs on homemade buns with Dave's favorite pea salad with Bacon.

The guys decide to tackle the solar installation.  Dave has bought 5 panels that generate a total of 940 Watts (3 panels at 180 Watts each + 2 panels at 200 Watts each).  He wants to install them on the cabin roof.  But before they can complete the installation, they want to check that all the electronics are operational.

First they setup the controllers to make sure they are functioning.

They lay the two 200W panels out on the back deck so they can connect them together.  They discover they might have one bad panel because its generating less power than expected, so it will need more diagnostics. The three 180W panel were next and they seem to put out the expected power. 

Now they have to figure out where to run the wiring.  Its difficult where all the raceways are in the boat through which wires can be located.

They have it nearly puzzled out.  The installation isn’t finished, but we are now generating solar power!

The fireworks tonight were spectacular!

We had the fire table lit to keep us warm during the show.

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