Sea Star 7

1998 Bayliner LeClercq

Tearing apart the flybridge

Breakfast was mimosas with sausage and yogurt with berries.  Mmmmm.

Jim and Dave have been working today on knocking a few things off the list.  They ripped apart the flybridge looking for the spare antenna co-ax for the AIS system.  There are two antennas and only one radio so Dave figures one must be not connected to anything. He used his HackRF to generate a very low signal on channel 68.  That allowed him to identify which side of the boat is connected to the radio by moving side to side and see what is strongest in the helm radio. Logically the other side should be the spare. After pulling up all the covers on the helm and not seeing anything, they yanked out the ice maker and spotted what looked like co-ax rolled up. Yanked out the min-fridge and sure enough, there was the coax coming down from the antenna coiled up and unterminated. It is too short to run so Dave is going to need to splice in an extension at some point to get the AIS working.

Oh the horror - we are at anchor and a screw sitting on the counter rolled off and fell to the floor. That's it - we are selling the boat. Well, there are white caps in the bay so I suppose we will give her a break this time.  Amazingly there are no issues with the glass dishes sliding around in the cupboards underway.

Jim made pork spareribs for dinner.

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