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Wine tasting with Kelly and Nicole

Kelly’s truck died yesterday.  So he bought a new one.  Needing to take the new truck for a spin, we all piled in and headed to Paso Roble wine country.  First stop was La Vigne where we had a big charcuterie platter and some great reds.  Next up, a stop at Re: Fine for some wines and distille…

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Evening with Kelly, Nicole, Carson, and Logan

We had breakfast at Classic Diner before hitting the road to Bakersfield.  We arrived about 3pm, and went for a boat ride around the lake.  And then roasted hot dogs for dinner.

Wine tasting with Judy and Robert

After a big breakfast cooked by Robert, we headed off for some wine tasting.  The first winery, Mitchell Katz was a pretty setting, but the wines were not all that great, and we didn’t end up buying any wines.

The second winery, Garre was great, and we liked all their wines.

We then…

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We couldn’t depart until we got a look at Rhapsody – Mike and Christina’s new boat.  She’s perfect for a zip around the bay.

We headed off to see Judy and Robert in Fremont.  We hung at their place all day drinking wine and relaxing.  For dinner, Robert cooked us some great steaks an…

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Melissa was itching to cook some French tarts with the fresh peaches and pears.  So we hung out in the kitchen most of the day.

For dinner Mike and Melissa made chicken marsala.  Unclear who was teaching who.

While the pies were baking we headed out for drinks and appetizers with…

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As we were packing up to leave, Carol and Jerry insisted we pick pears and peaches to take with us.  We ended up with a big bag of them.  After a quick trip to Point Richmond, we hung out with Mike and Christina for the afternoon, and then headed to dinner in Sausalito at the Seafood Peddler.  We …

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Fun and relaxing day with Jerry and Carol

After a nice breakfast at home, we headed out to Dry Creek Vineyard for some wine tasting.  Despite being sailors, Carol and Jerry had never been there.  The wines were nice and the setting was even better than the last time we were there.  Carol bought four bottles, but they charged her for the wro…

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On to Petaluma

We had breakfast at the McCall house – mimosas, frittata and bacon, granola and fruit.  Yumo.  Drove almost straight through to visit Carol and Jerry in Petaluma, with a quick stop for lunch in Calistoga.  After we reached their house they set out a nice spread of appetizers, and then we grilled ste…

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Political correctness run amok

After a great breakfast at Tater’s Cafe, we headed off to Ashland OR.  We were really looking forward to seeing a Shakespeare play – which neither of us had ever done.  We had chosen the classic – Romeo and Juliet.

Along the way we stopped at a few wineries: Hillcrest, Cooper Ridge, and F…

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Hitting the road

We packed up early and headed off to Dallas, OR to visit with Dave’s cousin Marty and her husband John.  Been years since we have seen them.  Marty surprised us by inviting their son Johnny and his girlfriend to dinner.  We had dinner at a restaurant called “The River” and then went over to Johnny’s…

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The last Apsaras Repair

We've been trying to sell Apsaras for over a year now.  We finally have a buyer!  But they insist that the radar be operational.  Dave and Jim have tried to fix it several times.  Dave even bought a new radar dome and installed it.  Alas.  Dave ended up purchasing a whole new one and installing it. …

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Flooded Head

Before we depart on our road trip, we wanted to see Charly and Nomi.  So they came aboard for a lunchtime cruise.  We headed around Mercer Island – which we’ve not done previously in Sea Star.  We had some good food – Nomi brough fresh shrimp which we made into an appetizer, and then we had halibut …

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Walla Walla Vette Vette Weekend

We spent 5 days in Walla Walla with Murph and Lisa.  We went back to the house we stayed at two years ago that has an amazing garden.

We visited a number of wineries, but the highlight of the trip was the visit to the college winery.  Run by students, and serving only wines made by students, we …

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Cap Sante and Penn Cove

As it was now just Melissa and Dave aboard, and the weather was still kind of crappy, we decided to move to the Cap Sante marina in Anacortes for the night, followed by an anchoring at Penn Cove, before heading back through the locks.  Summer boating season is officially over!

A mean customs agent

Today we had to make it back to Friday Harbor so that Jim and Margaret could catch the ferry home.  Given the weather, we would have preferred to wait, but Jim had a doctor’s appointment that he couldn’t miss.  The crossing from Victora was rainy, foggy, and filled with lots of lightening strikes in…

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Good eating in Victoria

We spent a quiet day on the dock in Victora.  We headed to Jam Cafe for breakfast – a recommendation from Leta that turned out to be amazing.  Jim went early to get in line – good thing as it was a long one.

Later that afternoon, Jim and Melissa walked to Cold Comfort for vegan ice cream ba…

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Dinner with Leta and Kelly

Jim made us crab omelets and mimosas for breakfast.

We made the crossing and headed for Victoria this morning.  When we arrived at the customs dock there was no one there so we tied up and waited, and waited, and waited for our clearance.  Meanwhile one of the harbor police came by and asked …

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More Dungeness!

We went back to Roche Harbor today and anchored in anticipation of making the jump to Victoria tomorrow.  We managed to catch yet more Dungeness crab which we plan to serve tomorrow for dinner when Kelly and Leta visit us on the boat.

Jim went ashore and found a nice bottle of Italian wi…

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We went back over to fish bay today to try some crabbing. 

We caught some big Dungeness.

We drug out the cooking pot and the propane burner.  That thing is on its last legs and needs to be replaced next season!

After all that crab, we are ready for some bra…

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Reed Harbor

We trekked over from Roche Harbor to Reed Harbor.  We love Reed but it can be super crowded.  Much to our surprise, there were only a few boats.  Jim and Dave hiked up to the school house.  It was more of a hike than Melissa and Margaret were up for - so they chilled and read books.

Melissa m…

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