Sea Star 7

1998 Bayliner LeClercq

We survived Lidia

We’ve been watching Lidia for days now, wondering where she will come ashore.  The staff has been madly prepping for the storm.  They rolled up the rugs, put towels under the sliding glass doors, and taped up the windows.

We lost power overnight, so we couldn’t watch the surf camera, nor communicate with the staff. The storm passed just South of us, a very narrow miss.  The hurricane came ashore as a Cat 4 storm, and Puerto Vallarta got hit hard.  But first thing this morning there were messages from the staff who got there early to inspect.  And we were lucky, only a few bits of minor damage.

Some missing roof tiles:

A few holes in the garage roof where the tiles went through:

A light fixture blown off the wall:

The staff busied themselves with cleanup and the place was ship shape in no time.

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