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Kelly & Nicole Wedding Week

My brother Kelly got married here at our place in Mexico April 26 to his longtime girlfriend Nicole.  We had a ton of guests and family here all week for lots of activities.

There was a big last minute scramble as the wedding venue went out of business 90 days prior to the wedding.  It was too late to have everyone change flight and hotel reservations so we went looking for an alternative.  We ended up at Imanta a gorgeous beach resort about 20 minutes north of our condo in Punta Mita.  The hotel was quite helpful and despite being a high-end resort, was willing to match the price we had planned to pay at Litibu Grill.

The rehearsal dinner was catered by Hectors – one of our favorite local restaurants.  The amazing pictures were taken by Carson, Kelly’s son.

The day of the wedding, the weather was perfect.  We had a gal come to do hair and makeup.

Meanwhile the guys played poker and napped.

There were only a few small snafus.  Irving started to stain the gate the morning of the wedding, so we had to take care to go out through the garage to ensure the brides billowy white dress didn’t get smacked into the wet stain.  The florist order somehow dropped the brides maids boquets and scrambled to get them to us in time.  And the taxi’s showed up with a big van rather than the parade of smaller suburbans needed to ensure the bride was the last to arrive.  But it all got sorted!

The beach was perfect!

Small ceremony with only 17 people present.


In the photos after the ceremony, they took one of my step-mom, brother, and me.  My brother pulls my Dad’s United Airlines tag out of his pocket and says “Dad is here with us”.  Yeah, we all lost it.

For a toast, my brother brought the very last of my Dad’s whiskey.  We all poured a glass and told Nicole that Dad would have welcomed her to the family had he been here.  Marla again burst into tears.

Then Carson did his toast which he had spent a ton of time before hand writing.

My toast to my brother and Nicole was short.  I reminded Nicole, she picked him – I didn’t.  And then quoted Rita Rudner:   I love being married. It's so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life.  Seemed somehow appropriate for Kelly.

First dance.  No that’s not a photoshopped screen background.  Its for real.  Timing is everything.

After the bride and groom danced, my brother and I had a dance too.


Food and flowers were fabulous!

Me and hubby.

The next day we organized a beach BBQ complete with hot dogs, potato salad, and S'Mores!

The boys tried to protect the fire from the ocean waves with a ditch they dug.

All the photos and video are loaded here:


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