Sea Star 7

1998 Bayliner LeClercq

K3 Ranch

After picking up a new computer for Melissa on Amazon Prime Day, we headed for Cody WY.  We were supposed to visit the Buffalo Bill museum here.  But we were too worn out and decided to crash at the ranch we are staying at – K3 Ranch.  We are the last of the guests, they are locking up tomorrow for the winter.  So we had the whole building to ourselves, along with a great view of the mountains.  So we decided to just chill.  We went to 8th Street at the Ivy for dinner on the recommendation of the ranch owner.  They had gluten free pasta we can eat, so we ordered the meat sauce.  Yumo.

Melissa did go down to the barn to pet the goats.  They were all too happy to get some attention.

But the miniature horse was the real attention hog.  She insisted on being petted.  And if Melissa (god forbid!) visited with the other horse, she would butt in and nip and Melissa till she got more pets.

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