Sea Star 7

1998 Bayliner LeClercq

Casper WY and Hill City SD

Yesterday we drove from Park City to Casper WY.  We had an early dinner at a steakhouse.  What else do you do in Wyoming.  Apparently, all they eat here is steak.  We stayed at the C’mon Inn.  Their claim to fame is a series of hot tubs and pools inside the hotel.  The hot tub was a disappointment.  You turn on the jets, and they stay on for 2 minutes, the you have to get back out and turn them on again.

We drove from Casper to Hill City, SD where Char and Dan live.  We finally got to see their new house.  Well, not exactly new since they have been here for two years.  Along the way Melissa got frustrated because there is no cell data, and in fact no cell coverage at all, except in cities.  Making it difficult to work.

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