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A mean customs agent

Today we had to make it back to Friday Harbor so that Jim and Margaret could catch the ferry home.  Given the weather, we would have preferred to wait, but Jim had a doctor’s appointment that he couldn’t miss.  The crossing from Victora was rainy, foggy, and filled with lots of lightening strikes in…

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Good eating in Victoria

We spent a quiet day on the dock in Victora.  We headed to Jam Cafe for breakfast – a recommendation from Leta that turned out to be amazing.  Jim went early to get in line – good thing as it was a long one.

Later that afternoon, Jim and Melissa walked to Cold Comfort for vegan ice cream ba…

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Dinner with Leta and Kelly

Jim made us crab omelets and mimosas for breakfast.

We made the crossing and headed for Victoria this morning.  When we arrived at the customs dock there was no one there so we tied up and waited, and waited, and waited for our clearance.  Meanwhile one of the harbor police came by and asked …

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More Dungeness!

We went back to Roche Harbor today and anchored in anticipation of making the jump to Victoria tomorrow.  We managed to catch yet more Dungeness crab which we plan to serve tomorrow for dinner when Kelly and Leta visit us on the boat.

Jim went ashore and found a nice bottle of Italian wi…

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We went back over to fish bay today to try some crabbing. 

We caught some big Dungeness.

We drug out the cooking pot and the propane burner.  That thing is on its last legs and needs to be replaced next season!

After all that crab, we are ready for some bra…

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Reed Harbor

We trekked over from Roche Harbor to Reed Harbor.  We love Reed but it can be super crowded.  Much to our surprise, there were only a few boats.  Jim and Dave hiked up to the school house.  It was more of a hike than Melissa and Margaret were up for - so they chilled and read books.

Melissa m…

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Jim and Margaret back aboard

We headed to Roche Harbor to pick up Jim and Margaret.  They took the ferry over from Anacortes and picked up a load of groceries in Friday Harbor before hopping in a taxi for Roche.  We spent the night on the dock. They had fresh oysters for sale and we couldn't resist!

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Port Browning

We pulled into Port Browning yesterday.  Just around the corner from Poet's Cove - its our new favorite spot.  We went ashore in the afternoon for a bottle of wine and fish and chips.  We liked them so much we went back for a repeat today!  We wanted to fill up on liquor, but discovered the little l…

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Another Rescue

We awoke to a gorgeous calm morning.

Dave heard a call for help on the radio.  Fish bay is famous for its narrow shallow entrance.  Someone managed to get stuck just outside the entrance to the channel.  He had lost his engine and drifted ashore.  And his kicker motor was inoperative too.…

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Shower Repairs

The forward shower door has never closed right.  Whenever Jim and Margaret use it, water ends up all over the floor.  Jim had looked at it previously and decided there was no obvious fix.  Dave took a second look today.  Someone tried to repair it before and attached a piece of wood to the door open…

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Ocean Side Again

Yesterday we went through locks.  It took forever as we had to wait for commercial traffic.  We had intended to go to Paulsbo, but it was so hot we decided to stay at Shilshole where we had power for the AC.  This morning we then made the jump to Fish Bay where we had dinner ashore at the resort res…

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Blue Angles!

We went out to see the Blue Angels again today.  Aboard were Carson, Dave and Melody Benton, and Valentina and Mark.  Everyone brought food, and it was a blast!  We didn't manage to get the flopper stoppers out of the hanger though so it was somewhat sloppy.  Melissa's car was broken into and her ai…

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The stove works again!

Back on June 10 the stove blew out in a generator over voltage incident.  Dave pulled the oven out to get to the stove on July 18 when Melissa was in Mexico. 

Had to use a floor jack to pop the stove out because some fool had glued it into place and Dave had to pop the glue.  After some car…

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Retirement Party

Melissa planned a small gathering aboard the boat for folks she worked with at Market Leader.  An excuse to get them out of the office for a sunny afternoon.  As luck would have it – it was practice time for the Blue Angles!

Most of the gang jumped in, and after a while had to rescue …

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