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We are never going to make it as thieves

One of the owners here in Mexico, Pam, has a wall safe – same as we do – that she’s lost the combination to.  So Kelly and Melissa get it in their heads to try and crack the safe.  How hard can it be?

Melissa starts by playing with our safe in our unit.  She listens to the tumblers – which …

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The washer works again!

Back on June 10 the washing machine blew out in a generator over voltage incident.  July 14 Dave pulled the washer out.  Heck of a job because the dryer – which sits atop the washer – had to be pulled out first.  Dave managed to get it down by himself, but then needed Melissa’s help to get it up the…

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Back to the home slip

At dawn, Margaret awakened and took a great shot of the quiet bay.  If you look carefully you can see the moon and a couple of planets about to wink out.

This morning we had a plan to all be sitting on the couch with our cinnamon rolls and coffee when Orson rang us up for our morning workout…

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We are almost out of food - we have to go hunting

By the time Melissa finished up a morning conference call, Dave had purchased a crabbing license and plans were set to head off to hunt up some crabs.  Apparently, we are nearly out of food and have to go hunting.   Ahem.  Well, sort of.  We have steak.  And we need crab to make steak and crab Oscar…

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Almost Home

We left Anacortes and tried to be early to the 8am fuel dock opening.  Alas someone beat us to it.  We floated for a while and eventually got on the dock to put another 500 gallons of fuel aboard.  We departed the fuel dock around 9am for the long trip back through the Swinomish Channel to Puget Sou…

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How many tape measures does a boat need?

A lay day today at Anacortes to catch up on chores.  Dave begins the day by defrosting the freezer which has been making an awful racket whenever it turns on because the fan has ice on it.  He defrosts it and puts a heater on the fan to melt all the ice.

Meanwhile, Jim is making buckwheat c…

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Post Mortem on Sea Star's Anchor

Breakfast was a sausage and egg scramble with bacon.

After the last two nights anchor craziness, we wake up late and dragging.  We are the ones dragging now, not the boat.  Dave calls Anacortes marina to get us a slip for the night as we really don’t want another night out in the high winds a…

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Dragging Anchor in Hunter Bay

We went for breakfast in Eastsound at the New Leaf Café attached to the Outlook Inn.  The menu looked amazing.  Turned out to be good, but not great, and our waiter appeared stoned.  Other tables around us came in after us and left before we got our food.  And then the orders came and were not right…

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Re-anchoring in the Dark

We left Roche Harbor for Eastsound.  We’ve never anchored in Eastsound, and now we are puzzling as to why.  It’s a great bay with protection from all but south winds.  And there is a nice dingy dock near town that allows access to the stores and restaurants.


When we anchored, we …

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4th of July in Roche Harbor

Roche Harbor is littered with boats.

Many of which, like us, are decked out for the 4th of July.

At one point, Dave spots a boat sideways to the wind sailing drifting down the bay.  They had broken loose off their anchor and are dragging through all the boats.  Before any of us can blink, …

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Back in the ol’ US of A

We headed out for Roche Harbor this morning after Melissa’s 90-minute meeting with Mexican administrative staff to plan the transition.  Dave wants to be there for the 4th of July fireworks.  When we reached Roche Harbor, we floated around for an hour waiting for the customs dock.  While we float…

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Good food day

Jim and Melissa (mostly Jim) made Eggs Benedict for breakfast.  Jim’s new trick to make the poached eggs and hold them in an ice water bath and rewarm them works great!

After breakfast we took off for Bedwell Harbor but when we got there it was rough, so we headed back to Saturna Island fo…

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Spa Day

In the morning we made the quick trip from Montague to Ganges.  Jim had a massage scheduled at 11:30 so we dropped him and Margaret off on the dock while we waited for a slip.  Jim went and rented the car.  The dock was three feet off the water so climbing on and off the boat is done on the sides in…

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