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Testing out the new anchor chain

We were awakened at 3am to the sound of what we would have sworn was a bird or bat having flown into our room and gotten trapped.  Melissa gets out of bed and goes over to Dave’s portal where the thing was flapping its wings.  Looks like its behind the fire extinguisher as Melissa can see movement. …

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Anchor Upgrades

We awoke this morning stiff and sore from yesterday’s whirlwind of work on the boat.  Fortunately, we had an Orson workout this morning and we told him we just needed to STRETCH.

At 9am Jerrod calls from Harbor Chandlery.  They’ve got the chain ready for delivery, but wants to know if we have …

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How much can be done in a day

Melissa woke up full of energy this morning.  Before Dave and Margaret are awake, she decides to focus on figuring out if we have the right chain type nailed down so we can replace the 130’ of chain + 150’ of rope with 200’ chain and 100’ rope for the anchor.  She also gets it in her head to do some…

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Lucky to still have the anchor

We decided last night that we would get up early and head to Nanaimo.  It’s a 7-hour run, but the weather was good for crossing the Straights of Georgia.  We need to go to Nanaimo to pick up the generator control board needed to fix the generator.  Plan was to either dock in Nanaimo or anchor at Lad…

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Paella at Squirrel Cove

Wanted to get underway at 9:50am to hit the three rapids at slack.  Melissa cooked oatmeal and sausage for breakfast.  Then we went to get rid of the remaining recycle trash and grab a few more fresh veggies from the store.  We were underway almost on time – 9:48am.

Underway we saw a few wha…

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How much are we willing to pay for shrimp?

Before we pulled out of the dock, the guys went and retrieved the crab trap.  One large female, but no males.  Dang it.  Dave then backed out and pulled into the fuel dock.  The dock hand was like “hmmm.  He seems to know what he’s doing.”  Yep.  That’s our Captain Dave.  He’s really got the hang of…

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We can do better than 4 shrimp!

Yesterday Jim took a great picture of the boat next to us with a bunch of friends aboard.

He shared it with the boat next to us.

They were appreciative.

Next morning we awoke, and Dave said, ”What is with the bread on the deck?  I’m surprised the birds didn’t get it!”.  Utterly conf…

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Make the stock while at the dock!

After Orson’s workout with the guys, Melissa whipped up pancakes and sausage for breakfast.  Orson is our trainer in Punta Mita, who does video training when we are in Seattle.

We continued to work another Hunt-a-Killer game  Death at the Winery.

The boys then worked on changing th…

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Why would we go back?

Breakfast was frittata with ham, onions, cheese, sour cream and salsa.

Underway was gorgeous through the islands and mountains.

Made our way to Sullivan Cove Marina.  So cute!

Dinner was Captain Dave’s favorite – Burgers!  Even if the buns turned out to be sadly lacking.…

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Autopilot Repaired!

In the morning we watched another boat pull up a crab trap right from the dock and pull Dungeness out.  What?!  Ok, maybe we can catch a crab here!  Melissa tried to convince the boys to set both prawn and crab traps.  But after working on the autopilot they were like “nah”.

For lunch…

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Lagoon Cove Concert

We got up and the boys did their workout with Orson while Melissa fixed egg cups for breakfast.

We decided to stay on the dock while the guys diagnosed the auto pilot failure.  Jim found that the motor had come loose from the hydraulic controls.  The screws were sitting on the floor of the lo…

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Autopilot fails

We awoke to dead house batteries.  Again.  Dave had to do the jump start with the screw driver trick again to get the house batteries charging after he started the engines.  As we needed to charge the batteries, we took off early for Blind Bay Marina.  We had to go slow to time the rapids just right…

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Eagles at Squirrel Cove

After a rough night, we decide to depart and head back to Squirrel Cove.  That means getting loose from the stern tie.  You would think that would be as simple as just pulling the rope through the bolt assembly on shore.  Alas.  The rope got all twisted up and wouldn’t pull free.  So Jim gets in the…

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Melissa’s favorite anchoring technique. NOT.

We headed to Melanie Cove today visiting a gorgeous waterfall along the way. 

The big adventure was a stern tie.  Melissa is not crazy about stern tie because we’ve often had trouble with dragging anchor in this stern tie configuration.

We arrived in the Melanie Cove, and Melissa and J…

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Return to Squirrel Cove

Breakfast was quiche.  Melissa did the “use the wine bottle as rolling pin” trick.

After breakfast we headed to squirrel cove. 

We were here in 2008 with John and Cindy.  John had to bury some old crab bait that had gone bad.  (…

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How much for the shrimp?

We awoke to completely dead house batteries.  In theory, the combiner that charges both the house batteries and the engine starter batteries protect the engine starter batteries.  But until the engines start we are holding our breath hoping the combiner worked right.  And indeed, the engines start r…

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Generator gives up entirely

The generator over-sped again this morning.  Melissa caught it because blower on the oven sped up.  She shut it down within seconds.  We finished up cooking breakfast.  Risotto cakes with poached eggs and hollandaise with roasted asparagus.  Yumo.  After breakfast the guys started working on diagnos…

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Washing Machine Out Too

We went to do the laundry while we were still on the dock and realized that the generator overrun had damaged the washing machine too.  Sigh.

Margaret and Melissa headed off to find the marina office to buy loonies to run the washer and dryers ashore.  Melissa thought the office had shorted us, …

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Van Isle Marina

Before we depart Ganges, we need to load up on wine.  We love the boxed variety as it stores so well.

We decided to head over to Van Isle Marina.  It’s on Vancouver Island.  Melissa needed to meet up with Leta to get some Mexican HOA papers signed.  She had planned to take the ferry from Gan…

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Water maker back on line

Melissa awoke with some energy and cooked up a breakfast casserole out of gluten free bread, sausage, eggs, and cheese.

The water maker being broken is a pain.  It will affect where we can go as much of the Gulf and Broughton islands are short on water.  So the boys get determined to fix it s…

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