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1998 Bayliner LeClercq

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Engine Repair Sea Trial

The mechanic came by this morning to do the sea trial with Dave. The repaired motor started right up. It ran 20 knots at wide open throttle. Purrs like a kitten at idle. Dave says it is a pleasure docking with two engines again. He cannot get rid of his boat grin.

Ultimately when the bill…

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Andrews Bay awaiting sea trial

Dave is back in Seattle and itching to take the boat out.  But he doesn’t want to run the starboard engine until the mechanic signs off.  And in a weird coincidence, Kelly and Carson are in Seattle for an interview for Carson.  Jim, Margaret, and Dave headed to Andrews Bay for the night to hang out.…

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200 days later engine is fixed!

Because Dave had told the mechanic that he had booked his flight back to Seattle for sea trial, the mechanic now had a deadline to get the high-pressure fuel pump back installed.

This afternoon Melissa walks into Dave’s office and she can see tears in his eyes.  The mechanic had just reported tha…

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