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Check "survived a hurricane" off the bucket list

Two days ago a hurricane warning was issued for our area.  We were like “yeah whatever” because we live in a hurricane hole.  Meaning that hurricanes very very rarely hit our area because of the mountains just south of us.  They push hurricanes around to the north such that they almost always miss P…

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Fuel pump makes its way onto the bench

The mechanic pulled the high-pressure fuel pump off earlier this summer and sent it to the rebuild shop.  Where it sat, and sat, and sat.  Until this week when they pulled it apart.  And sure enough, one of the pistons was totally destroyed and there was debris everywhere.  They are able to rebuild …

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A bunch of day trips and overnight anchoring’s in Andrews Bay

Determined that the summer should not be a total boating loss due to the bad engine, we try to spend our time with friends on the lake.

Aug 25 and September 9 – Dave and Melissa went to Andrews Bay for a couple of nights just to chill.  We decided to head back to the dock a bit late and ended up …

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The boat stumps the mechanics

Dave has talked to a number of boat diesel mechanics.  They are all stumped.  Dave continues to hold that it’s probably the high-pressure fuel pump.  But the mechanics keep saying that’s just not possible.  The high-pressure pumps just don’t fail.

Today the lead mechanic from Man engine…

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AIS is operational!

The AIS got installed today!  Unlike Apsaras we both receive and transmit so other boats can see our location.

Sea Fair

8/5/22 Sea fair

Because we are on the lake, we decided to check out the Blue Angel’s Sea Fair show from the water.  We headed out early to ensure we could get anchored down before all the craziness sets in.  We set anchor near the USCG ship that presumably will preside over the craziness to see i…

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Birthday burgers

Dave might be depressed because his boat is broken, but burgers always cheer him up.  Jim made his special burgers and Dave and Melody came aboard with Margaret to help Dave celebrate his birthday.

Great service from the locks

Today we headed back through the locks.  We had been instructed to call the lock master when we reached the railroad bridge.  When we got there, they were just closing the doors on the large lock for an uplocking.  They said to proceed into the small locks despite the red light indicating, and that …

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Maneuvering testing

We had eggs benedict for breakfast.

We decided to head to Ostrich Bay on one engine, which allowed Dave to spend some time practicing maneuvering on one engine.  Was not quite as bad as he feared.

Along the way we dropped Jennifer back at her place.  We hung out on her buoy for lunch.  Slider…

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Engine Diagnostics

Today we awoke to sunshine and a grumpy captain with a broken boat.  Not having one engine is going to make maneuvering in the locks a challenge.

We started out hopeful it was something simple and that maybe we could find a mechanic willing to come to us at anchor in Poulsbo.  But as the day wor…

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An End To The 2022 Cruising Season Before It Even Begins

On July 16, Dave and Melissa headed out through the locks.  We got applause for our performance.  People were asking whether we were crew and if we were headed for Hawaii.  We spent a couple of nights in Ostrich Bay hanging on the hook and working.  Then on July 19 we headed to Elliot Bay marina for…

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How many pounds of milfoil is that?

We headed up and spent two nights at Juanita Bay.  We love it there.  But for the milfoil that always comes up on the anchor.  But this time... it was epic.  The ball of milfoil was about 5 foot by 5 foot.  Melissa couldn't get the anchor back aboard as she couldn't shake the milfoil loose.  We had …

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Oh right, wetsuits are buoyant

Melissa gets back to the boat after running errands.  Its one of those days where the water is clear and the sun is overhead and you can see the bottom.  She thinks to herself, "today would be the day to jump in and try to get that deck plate I knocked into the water when Robin and I were kayaking o…

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Robin takes a dip

Robin came by today to do a 1:1 "meeting" with Melissa.  Most of this meeting took place in the kayaks.  After which Robin jumped in.  Melissa was like "nah! too cold!" despite Robin's teasing her about being a chicken.

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Sea Star 7 Gets New Batteries

During the trip Jim and Margaret made with Dave in May it became clear the house batteries were dead.  They didn’t make it through the night even when fully charged before bedtime.  Dave had it as a top priority to fix this.  These suckers are heavy though and getting them in and out took teamwork.…

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New Wine Fridge

The boat came with a wine fridge.  But it wasn't working.  We debated pulling it out and adding more storage.  But, wine.  So Dave pulled it, measured, and was able to order a new one on Amazon. 

The new one is a nearly exact fit.  And it can take more bottles!

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Moving aboard is official

Melissa flew back from Mexico May 19, and today the movers brought all the clothes, gear, and kitchen supplies we packed away back in February aboard.  It was a complete mess until we were able to find where to stow everything.  Somewhere in the shuffle a bunch of pot lids went missing.  But other t…

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Back through the locks in the rain

Breakfast was oatmeal with Canadian maple syrup and a variety of toppings.

The cruise ship came by for a peek at Poulsbo.  On their way out, they circled the boat and drew the attention of the crew who came out on deck to see what Sea Star 7 was up to.

It was a rainy trip back across …

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Tearing apart the flybridge

Breakfast was mimosas with sausage and yogurt with berries.  Mmmmm.

Jim and Dave have been working today on knocking a few things off the list.  They ripped apart the flybridge looking for the spare antenna co-ax for the AIS system.  There are two antennas and only one radio so Dave figures …

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Dave makes first voyage without Melissa

Dave, Jim, and Margaret are making the maiden voyage on the boat without Melissa, who is still in Mexico.  They are headed to Poulsbo for the weekend.  They have tons of rainy-day projects planned – mostly to troubleshoot systems that are not perfectly behaving. 

When they first back…

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