Sea Star 7

1998 Bayliner LeClercq

Wine and cheese fest that wasn't

We spent the weekend at Sagecliff resort, which used to be known as Cave B.  The winery Cave B is still here, but the resort was separated from the winery.  Years ago we visited here and loved it.  The view of the Gorge is like a painting.  This time we stayed in Cliffhouse 15 which is way off by itself.  Nice and quiet.  We came because of the wine and cheese festival they were advertising for the weekend.  We bought the $85/each tickets.  Then they sent an email saying if you wanted to be in on the activities on Friday it was going to be an additional $40/each.  Totally misleading.  We decided to skip the Friday night activities.  As it turns out, the $85 itself wasn’t well spent.  There was no cheese tasting, the food was mostly stuff we couldn’t eat, and we got about a glass and a half of wine each.  Watching the grape stomping did provide some entertainment.

Dinner at the Tendrils restaurant was good, and we did enjoy the wine tastings we did on the drive over from Montana.  Who knew that Quincy had such good wines at an inexpensive price?

Sunday, we drove back to the boat.  The whole trip seems somewhat surreal now that we are back.  We drove 4000 miles!  And the grill of the car has the bugs to prove it!

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