Sea Star 7

1998 Bayliner LeClercq

Sea Fair

8/5/22 Sea fair

Because we are on the lake, we decided to check out the Blue Angel’s Sea Fair show from the water.  We headed out early to ensure we could get anchored down before all the craziness sets in.  We set anchor near the USCG ship that presumably will preside over the craziness to see it doesn’t get completely out of hand.

That turned out to be a good call as we would never have found a spot large enough to set our anchor.  Note to self, remember to get the flopper stoppers out of storage before next year.

The show was great.  Our favorite was the Boeing EA-18G Growler as it came right over the deck of the boat at about 100 feet and would just about blow your socks off.

But the Blue Angels did not fail to impress either.



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