Sea Star 7

1998 Bayliner LeClercq

Really? Seriously? A cold?

Melissa woke up in the middle of the night with an awful sore throat.  The beginnings of a cold.  Its super dry here, so a cold is going to be bad news as her asthma is already flared up.  Dang it.  After breakfast she went right back to bed for a nap.  Snoozed and read most of the day while Dave worked on one of his electronics projects.

Mid-day Melissa’s bag was delivered by airport personnel.  Hooray!  That’s a huge relief.  Particularly since most of the emergency medical kit was in that bag.

We skipped lunch while Melissa snoozed, and then went for an early dinner.  In bed by 8pm.

Frustrating thing is that we know how Melissa got the cold.  There was a guy directly behind us on the long leg from Houston to Istanbul that was sneezing and coughing.  Dave nearly confronted him with “why aren’t you wearing a mask?!?” when he felt the sneeze land directly on his skin.  Ick.  And yeah, might have serious implications for our trip as we can’t visit the giant gorillas if we are sick because they are so venerable to human diseases.

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