Sea Star 7

1998 Bayliner LeClercq

Dave makes first voyage without Melissa

Dave, Jim, and Margaret are making the maiden voyage on the boat without Melissa, who is still in Mexico.  They are headed to Poulsbo for the weekend.  They have tons of rainy-day projects planned – mostly to troubleshoot systems that are not perfectly behaving. 

When they first backed down on the anchor, it broke loose and they had to set it again.  Unusual for Poulsbo where it’s a huge mud pit of an anchorage.  But it was blowing – gusting into the 20’s.  So Jim and Dave made a bridle with the safety hook.  We need to make a proper bridle.  She’s got a lot of windage so she sails around a lot.

Next up it was time to work on getting rid of the old stereo equipment so it could be recycled.  But not before making up some Bloody Mary’s.  And then installation of the new stereo equipment.  A bit of fussing around to get all the speakers operational.

Jim fixed the gang braised duck for dinner.


In the middle of the night – Jim and Dave had to reposition the boat.  They were swinging around a lot and too close to other boats.  Possibly dragging, but not sure.  So they pulled up anchor and headed for shallower waters.   The radar is amazing – “Jim you see the boat at 3 o’clock?”


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