Sea Star 7

1998 Bayliner LeClercq

A bunch of day trips and overnight anchoring’s in Andrews Bay

Determined that the summer should not be a total boating loss due to the bad engine, we try to spend our time with friends on the lake.

Aug 25 and September 9 – Dave and Melissa went to Andrews Bay for a couple of nights just to chill.  We decided to head back to the dock a bit late and ended up crossing the lake in the dark.

Sept 23 – We stayed in Andrews Bay for a night with Melissa’s Aunt Char, Uncle Dan, Uncle Bob, and Aunt Joyce aboard.  They had come into town for a business meeting and because of Melissa’s Mom’s passing.

Sept 24 – We did a cruse around the lake with Melissa’s Aunt Char, Uncle Dan, Uncle Bob, Aunt Joyce, Brother Charly, his girlfriend Nomi, and Nephew Quin, Brother Kelly, and his wife Nicole.  It was quite the group!

October 1 – We invited Chris aboard for the night.  We have zero pictures because his wife Virginia was traveling.

October 5 – We did one last overnight with Jim and Margaret before we have to depart for Mexico in order to renew our residency.

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