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How many pounds of milfoil is that?

We headed up and spent two nights at Juanita Bay.  We love it there.  But for the milfoil that always comes up on the anchor.  But this time... it was epic.  The ball of milfoil was about 5 foot by 5 foot.  Melissa couldn't get the anchor back aboard as she couldn't shake the milfoil loose.  We had …

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Oh right, wetsuits are buoyant

Melissa gets back to the boat after running errands.  Its one of those days where the water is clear and the sun is overhead and you can see the bottom.  She thinks to herself, "today would be the day to jump in and try to get that deck plate I knocked into the water when Robin and I were kayaking o…

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Robin takes a dip

Robin came by today to do a 1:1 "meeting" with Melissa.  Most of this meeting took place in the kayaks.  After which Robin jumped in.  Melissa was like "nah! too cold!" despite Robin's teasing her about being a chicken.

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Sea Star 7 Gets New Batteries

During the trip Jim and Margaret made with Dave in May it became clear the house batteries were dead.  They didn’t make it through the night even when fully charged before bedtime.  Dave had it as a top priority to fix this.  These suckers are heavy though and getting them in and out took teamwork.…

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