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A day of rest before we start the long journey home

After yesterday's arduous gorilla trek, we decided to chill and relax.  Who wouldn't enjoy looking out at this view?

And there are always the monkeys to amuse us.

Melissa had a massage, and for the third night in a row, we had dinner in our room.

The hotel manager came to us three …

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Gorilla trek

We awoke early in anticipation, and somewhat in dread of the trek ahead of us.  We knew that gorilla trekking required we be fit.  So we started training with a personal trainer a year ago.  Yes, there have been some setbacks – particularly for Melissa who had surgery this summer.  But overall, we a…

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Uganda Village Tour

This morning we got up before dawn for a 7am flight out of Entebbe to a tiny airstrip in the Uganda mountains.

We had been warned that the limit was 15 KG in luggage sum total (baggage and carry on).  But you can buy more luggage weight – space permitting.  We are off season, so we were taking a …

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Onto Uganda

When we awoke this morning, the buffalo carcass was all but gone.  The hyenas were departing, just as the vultures set in to get any small tidbits that were left.

We then departed the tiny airport next to the camp in a caravan (airplane) for Entebbe.  We were to spend one night in Entebb…

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Just look at all that modern tech

The hyenas did a pretty good job of eating their way through the buffalo last night.  He looks about half eaten.

We found ourselves again grateful for the Maasai warriors that provide security here.  The whole gang lined up for a picture with their spears.  They walked us back and forth from…

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Dead buffalo everywhere

We awoke after the first solid night’s sleep Melissa has had.  When we went to breakfast, the Massai warriors were waiting to take us to breakfast.  They explained that overnight a herd of buffalo had come through the camp and one of them had died.

A problem.  Because tonight the predator…

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Do I still have all my teeth?

The Farmhouse where we have been staying has absolutely gorgeous gardens.  They grow the vegetables that they use in the restaurant.  Talk about farm to table!

The staff was all concerned about why we didn’t show up to dinner last night.  The manager and the chef visited our table this morning …

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Soy beans?!?!?

The farmhouse where we are staying is at 5000 feet.  Not super high, but Melissa, with her cold is struggling with low oxygen saturation.  Today’s trek is supposed to take us to the Ngorongoro crater rim which is at 7500 feet.  Maybe not the best idea.  Another failure on the part of the travel agen…

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What does primitive tribe mean?

Today we headed off for visits with the Hadzabe Bushmen and Datoga tribes.

The Hadzabe bushmen would have taken us on a hunt, but we decided a few days ago that watching them try to kill a baboon was just a bit more than we would enjoy.  We like seeing how other cultures live but seeing a primate…

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First taste of banana beer

Today we packed up and moved closer to the Lake Manyara region of Tanzania where we visited the village of Mto Wa Mbu – which translated literally means river of mosquitos – much to Dave’s horror.  Fortunately, the mosquitos were largely under control in the little town.

We met our guide, wh…

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Tracking a Lioness

Melissa was still pretty sick with her cold, so she decided to forego the early morning safari and ended up sleeping most of the day.  When she was awake, she enjoyed watching the warthogs out the window.  They would chase each other around snorting and grunting.

Meanwhile, Dave and Shabani wen…

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