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Elephants! Leopards! Giraffe! oh my!

We left Legendary Lodge right after breakfast.  Melissa was still feeling crappy, so she elected to wear a mask to protect our guide, Shabani while in the jeep.  Much of the landscape was somewhat barren as this this the very end of the dry season here.  In the rainy season this same land would be l…

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Really? Seriously? A cold?

Melissa woke up in the middle of the night with an awful sore throat.  The beginnings of a cold.  Its super dry here, so a cold is going to be bad news as her asthma is already flared up.  Dang it.  After breakfast she went right back to bed for a nap.  Snoozed and read most of the day while Dave wo…

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Really, stop taking our malaria drugs?

We got up, had breakfast, and then it was time to move on to the second coffee plantation.  We were supposed to stay at the first one for three nights (plus the one 3am arrival night).  But the travel agency screwed up and we suspect didn’t actually book the hotel correctly originally.  So they were…

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Little thieves

After a few hours of sleep, got up for breakfast deciding to try and stay awake the whole day to snap us onto the current time which is 8 hours ahead of Puerto Vallarta.

At breakfast it became clear that the hotel restaurant was unaware of our food allergies.  We had been promised by the travel age…

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We make a run for it

We departed our condo at 10am Puerto Vallarta, and arrived at our hotel in Arusha Tanzania at 4am local time – in total 34 total hours in transit.  The trip from Puerto Vallarta to Houston was uneventful, but the flight from Houston to Istanbul was over an hour late departing.

Turkish air busine…

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First and last travel agent

When we were originally planning our trip to Africa, we had thought to do it the way we usually do – Melissa researches a ton of options and then we book directly with the hotels.  In this case though it’s a little different since you will need a guide to take you to see the animals and other cultur…

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We are allowed to leave the country!

Unlike the good ‘ol US of A, Mexican residents and citizens have to ask permission to leave the country.  Well, that might not be entirely fair.  They have to fill out paperwork and get it stamped.  Not clear anyone would be refused permission or if this is just a way to keep people employed rubber …

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Check "survived a hurricane" off the bucket list

Two days ago a hurricane warning was issued for our area.  We were like “yeah whatever” because we live in a hurricane hole.  Meaning that hurricanes very very rarely hit our area because of the mountains just south of us.  They push hurricanes around to the north such that they almost always miss P…

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Fuel pump makes its way onto the bench

The mechanic pulled the high-pressure fuel pump off earlier this summer and sent it to the rebuild shop.  Where it sat, and sat, and sat.  Until this week when they pulled it apart.  And sure enough, one of the pistons was totally destroyed and there was debris everywhere.  They are able to rebuild …

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A bunch of day trips and overnight anchoring’s in Andrews Bay

Determined that the summer should not be a total boating loss due to the bad engine, we try to spend our time with friends on the lake.

Aug 25 and September 9 – Dave and Melissa went to Andrews Bay for a couple of nights just to chill.  We decided to head back to the dock a bit late and ended up …

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