Sea Star 7

1998 Bayliner LeClercq

We can do better than 4 shrimp!

Yesterday Jim took a great picture of the boat next to us with a bunch of friends aboard.

He shared it with the boat next to us.

They were appreciative.

Next morning we awoke, and Dave said, ”What is with the bread on the deck?  I’m surprised the birds didn’t get it!”.  Utterly confused we all went to look at what bread was on the deck to find four giant croissants in plastic bags and the boat next to us gone.  Awww.

We needed to get underway as it's time to head back towards Seattle.  Some debate has been had about whether we just continue north to Alaska.  But much as that sounds amazing, we decide it’s not practical.

Underway the scenery is again gorgeous.

And Jim caught a couple of humpback whales!

When we got back to Lagoon Cove, Melissa cooked up some halibut that Leta brought us that Kelly caught.  Yumo!

Jim bought another shellfish license and he and Melissa went out to set the shrimp trap and the crab trap.

For Lagoon Cove happy hour, Jim made a frozen pea, mint, and feta cheese spread that he put on chips.

Happy hour here is always a blast.  You can see the gang up on the deck.

Such a great little marina!

After dinner, the guys went out to retrieve the traps.  They caught 4 shrimp and zero male crabs.  They reset both traps and we will check again in the morning.


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