Sea Star 7

1998 Bayliner LeClercq

Washing Machine Out Too

We went to do the laundry while we were still on the dock and realized that the generator overrun had damaged the washing machine too.  Sigh.

Margaret and Melissa headed off to find the marina office to buy loonies to run the washer and dryers ashore.  Melissa thought the office had shorted us, but discovered Canada has a twonie – a $2 coin.  Who knew?

Leta came up from Victoria to sign the HOA papers and take them back to town to overnight to Kathy to sign in San Francisco.  She bought us halibut that Kelly had caught.  She reported that Kelly is doing well after his surgery.

Despite having paid the marina fees for the night we headed out late to Montague Harbor for a nice dinner of sea bass with freshly made pesto and grilled asparagus.  And a gorgeous sunset!

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