Sea Star 7

1998 Bayliner LeClercq

Van Isle Marina

Before we depart Ganges, we need to load up on wine.  We love the boxed variety as it stores so well.

We decided to head over to Van Isle Marina.  It’s on Vancouver Island.  Melissa needed to meet up with Leta to get some Mexican HOA papers signed.  She had planned to take the ferry from Ganges, but we couldn’t locate a taxi there, plus the trip over in the boat takes less time than the ferry back and forth anyway.

When we arrived, we walked into the town of Sidney for lunch.  There was a fish joint – Fish on Fifth - that advertised gluten free options.  The waitress was great – she double checked each order carefully.  Grilled fish with tartar sauce and yam fries for Melissa, burger no fries for Margaret, and so forth.  Alas the kitchen wasn’t as careful.  They sent regular fries to both Melissa and Margaret.  And no tartar sauce for Melissa.  By the time she got it her fish was cold and dried out.  Great restaurant idea, somewhat lacking in execution.

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