Sea Star 7

1998 Bayliner LeClercq

The washer works again!

Back on June 10 the washing machine blew out in a generator over voltage incident.  July 14 Dave pulled the washer out.  Heck of a job because the dryer – which sits atop the washer – had to be pulled out first.  Dave managed to get it down by himself, but then needed Melissa’s help to get it up the stairs into the kitchen so that the washing machine could then be removed from the closet.  Dave found that the control board was so burned up there was no point in attempting repairs

Even reviewing the schematics didn’t help.

He ordered the new part, which he installed July 20 and had the washing machine up and running again.  But by this time, Melissa was in Mexico and couldn’t help get the dryer back down the stairs.  So Dave put down some 2x6 wood to make a ramp and managed to get it down the stairs.  The only tricky part was muscling it a bit around the corner.  But then he couldn’t lift it back into place atop the washer.  His buddy Kirk happened to stop by for a visit and ultimately helped Dave heft it back into place.  Whew!


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