Sea Star 7

1998 Bayliner LeClercq

The stove works again!

Back on June 10 the stove blew out in a generator over voltage incident.  Dave pulled the oven out to get to the stove on July 18 when Melissa was in Mexico. 

Had to use a floor jack to pop the stove out because some fool had glued it into place and Dave had to pop the glue.  After some careful calculations…

He put a board across the metal enclosure to keep from bending it.  And then another board down to the jack.  Then slowly jacked it up and ripped out the glue.

Once he had it out, he was able to inspect the control board.  One had enough black on it that he was pretty sure it was the source of the problem.  He tried replacing the resistor that looked blown on one of the two control boards.  Alas that didn’t work, so he ordered the replacement control board.  Today he put it in, and voila!

We have a working stove again!  And its stronger than ever before.  It will actually brown meat now!


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