Sea Star 7

1998 Bayliner LeClercq

Testing out the new anchor chain

We were awakened at 3am to the sound of what we would have sworn was a bird or bat having flown into our room and gotten trapped.  Melissa gets out of bed and goes over to Dave’s portal where the thing was flapping its wings.  Looks like its behind the fire extinguisher as Melissa can see movement.  Dave grabs Melissa to startle her.  Oh yeah.  Thanks for that.  Going back to sleep is going to be easy now.  Melissa starts chuckling – its not a bird, it’s the paper tag on the fire extinguisher flapping around.

Before we departed Nanaimo, Jim and Melissa walked to the grocery store.  We were in need of wine and some supplies.  Wandered through the fruits and veggie section first.  Somehow or other, Jim managed to grab someone else’s cart.  We didn’t even notice that our two dock carts were not in the cart.  Wasn’t until Melissa said “you got a watermelon?” that the light dawned.  We headed to the front of the store where a fairly well pissed off older gentleman was standing with a couple of store staff.  They had our cart.  Apparently at Christmas someone had stolen his cart full of gifts and we managed to remind him of that incident.  Ooops.  We felt really bad.  Doh.

We headed over to Montague Harbor.  Dave had a heck of a time getting off the dock in the wind.  And the waves were large enough that we maxed out the stabilizers for the first time.  Dave ran over a big stick.  He saw it right before we hit it and backed down hard then put the engines at idle.  We watched it come out the back underneath us and it was smaller than Dave had feared.  We were at idle long enough that we sloshed around pretty good because we drifted sideways to the waves and the stabilizers don’t work unless you are underway.  First time we’ve heard things rattling in the cupboards and seen anything slide on a countertop.

Jim made pork bowls for lunch underway.

This was the first test of the new anchor chain and new swivel.

We were here in 2005 with Ori and Revital (  We decided to try and recreate the picture we took that day 18 years ago.

The boats you see in the background look super crowded, but Dave shot some drone footage that shows the real distance between the boats.

Melissa sacked out for a nap.  There's rumor of a video of her snoring, but Melissa is sure that's a lie.

Jim cooked lamb for dinner, and Melissa made cherry/apple crisp for dessert.


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