Sea Star 7

1998 Bayliner LeClercq

Paella at Squirrel Cove

Wanted to get underway at 9:50am to hit the three rapids at slack.  Melissa cooked oatmeal and sausage for breakfast.  Then we went to get rid of the remaining recycle trash and grab a few more fresh veggies from the store.  We were underway almost on time – 9:48am.

Underway we saw a few whales – humpbacks.  And the scenery was spectacular. 

We settled in at Squirrel Cove for the night.  Dave shot some great drone video that really gives perspective on the bay and surrounding scenery.

Jim and Dave did their usual round on the dingy to take pictures of the scenery and wildlife.

And for fun…

Jim made us seafood paella for dinner.  Melissa's favorite pan that would be just the thing to make paella in is out of service, so Jim used the big stock pot.  Just so happened we had paella rice onboard from the Hitchcock CSA boxes from last year.  The shrimp we caught yesterday, some scallops, and Spanish chorizo and voila!

It was hot enough after dinner that Melissa wanted to cool off by putting her feet in the water.

Dave meanwhile defrosted the freezer with a hair dryer so the fan would quit making an obnoxious noise all the time.


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