Sea Star 7

1998 Bayliner LeClercq

Make the stock while at the dock!

After Orson’s workout with the guys, Melissa whipped up pancakes and sausage for breakfast.  Orson is our trainer in Punta Mita, who does video training when we are in Seattle.

We continued to work another Hunt-a-Killer game  Death at the Winery.

The boys then worked on changing the engine oil on both engines.  A messy, sweaty job.  But they did it without any big issues.

Meanwhile, Melissa and Margaret did the laundry and shopping.  To be fair, mostly Margaret.  Fresh veggies are a bit scarce, but we think we can make due for another week or so.

Melissa made a chicken and mushrooms over rice dish for lunch.  From which she was able to start another batch of chicken stock.  Its best to do stock while at the dock on shore power as we want it to cook all night.  Margaret donated her Mom’s crock pot for this very purpose to the boat!

We enjoyed cocktails on the deck till it got to cold to sit out.

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