Sea Star 7

1998 Bayliner LeClercq

Lucky to still have the anchor

We decided last night that we would get up early and head to Nanaimo.  It’s a 7-hour run, but the weather was good for crossing the Straights of Georgia.  We need to go to Nanaimo to pick up the generator control board needed to fix the generator.  Plan was to either dock in Nanaimo or anchor at Ladysmith if they didn’t have room.  That plan changed when Jim pulled up the anchor and discovered this:

The anchor swivel had bent and very nearly pulled out of the anchor.  The fact we didn’t lose it was a miracle.  Obviously, it’s not going to survive another anchoring.  Jim secured the anchor to the deck so that we wouldn’t lose it underway today.

Jim and Melissa start taking measurements and looking for a chandlery in Nanaimo that has the right anchor swivel.  We debate pros and cons of various anchor swivels and land on purchasing the same one we have.  Only this time we are going to install it with a shackle so that the swivel will not be so affected by side forces.

Melissa and Jim tied the anchor to the boat first.  Then cracked the bolt on the old anchor swivel.  Not trivial we had to attach a pipe to the allen wrench to get enough leverage to do it.  Then untied the ropes that we had tied the anchor to the deck with. The anchor slid out but the ropes on the bow held it secure.  We then removed the old one and installed the new one!  Only Captain Dave is allowed to install the safety wire though.

Here is the old swivel.  Yikes.

While Jim and Melissa were up on deck measuring for the new swivel, a military plane practicing maneuvers came by and strafed us.  Then turned back around for a torpedo run.  Yeah, obviously they were practicing, but it was pretty intimidating to see a military plane so close to us pulling high G turns to come back over our heads for a second pass.  We weren’t quick enough to get a photo.

Breakfast was a quiche Melissa baked last night so that she and Margaret could do yoga with Orson first thing this morning as the boys would want to be at the helm while underway.

Jim made steak salads for lunch.

When we hit the dock at Nanaimo, Dave got in an Yellow Taxi and went to get the generator control board we need to fix the generator, and Jim went for the anchor swivel and safety wire to install it.  Everyone was back aboard the boat by 5pm.

We had reservations for dinner at the Top Notch Hamburgers.  Top rated restaurant in Nanaimo on Trip Advisor.  5 different types of buns, a zillion add on’s you can customize, and lots of sides and salads.  It was FABULOUS.  And so filling we wouldn’t need breakfast the next day.  Highly recommend the short rib burger!

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