Sea Star 7

1998 Bayliner LeClercq

How many tape measures does a boat need?

A lay day today at Anacortes to catch up on chores.  Dave begins the day by defrosting the freezer which has been making an awful racket whenever it turns on because the fan has ice on it.  He defrosts it and puts a heater on the fan to melt all the ice.

Meanwhile, Jim is making buckwheat crapes for brunch.  Stuffed with mushrooms and asparagus.  They might look a little grey, but they taste AMAZING.

After brunch, Melissa, Jim, and Margaret walk into town for the farmers market.  We purchase a few items that we might use in future menus.  Then back to the Safeway for a few more items.  Then Melissa splits off to go get a pedicure.

When she returns to the boat, all the storage boxes in the engine room have been pulled out and put on deck.  The plan is for her to reorganize and label everything in the boxes.  The boxes are a mess.  Melissa isn’t sure how the guys have survived this long with such disorder – all the storage boxes contain a random collection of stuff.  She organizes into logical boxes – all the electrical stuff, all the plumbing stuff, all the engine and generator stuff, and so forth.  Mid way through the process our label maker runs out of tape.  Dang it.  Melissa tapes paper tags to the boxes temporarily.

All in all, we counted up the number of tape measures we found in all the boxes – it was 5.  We decided to keep 2 and recycle the rest.

Melissa then cooks dinner – chicken breasts stuffed with mushrooms, shallots, spinach, and sundried tomatoes, then rolled in pistachio nuts and baked.  On the side a spinach salad with the leftover mango pineapple salsa mixed in, and a dressing made from the leftover orange sauce turned into salad dressing.

Jim then loads all the boxes back into the engine room.  Melissa goes down to join him and discovers a number of shelves and junk lying everywhere.  We organize everything but for two cardboard boxes that will just have to wait till tomorrow.

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