Sea Star 7

1998 Bayliner LeClercq

Eagles at Squirrel Cove

After a rough night, we decide to depart and head back to Squirrel Cove.  That means getting loose from the stern tie.  You would think that would be as simple as just pulling the rope through the bolt assembly on shore.  Alas.  The rope got all twisted up and wouldn’t pull free.  So Jim gets in the dingy and heads to shore to get it untwisted and free.  Yep, not Melissa’s favorite anchor method.

Along the way we stopped at Refuge Cove.  They have a great grocery store there and we stocked up on wine and fresh foods.  They also had prawn traps.  We decided we needed one of those!  Its Father’s Day weekend and shellfish licenses this weekend in Canada are free.  So why not?!

When we reach Squirrel Cove, the guys head out to set the shrimp trap in deep outside the bay.

Jim takes a great photo of Dave driving his dingy with Sea Star in the background.  They also get some nice shots of the bald eagles fishing along the outlet from the salt water lagoon.

When the guys went back to get the shrimp trap, the winds had kicked up and there were 2 foot waves on the bay.  Jim got soaked.  And not a shrimp to be seen.  We didn’t suffer though.  Dinner was a BBQed spatchcock chicken, risotto cakes, pesto, and grilled broccoli.  Appetizer was bacon wrapped dates stuffed with provolone cheese.

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