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Bang! Electrical blow out!

We got underway to Ganges this morning.  While underway, the generator went into run away and it overran.  Which means it over-voltaged.  That in turn blew out the water maker and the cook top.

That’s not good.  We find ourselves pondering why.  And will it happen again?  And what else did it …

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No Crabs

We continued to hang at Saturna Island.  We gave crabbing a shot.  The guys managed to catch three small ones but not big enough to keep.

We did make a bit of water here – if for no other reason than to make sure the water maker is operational.

While cooking Jim complains about Mel…

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Saturna Island

Bedwell Harbor is one of our favorites, but this boat can be noisy when there is even a small amount of waves.  It was a bit loud due to the winds blowing into the bay.  We knew the wind was going to blow a bit for the next few days, so we headed to Saturna Island to anchor there for a couple of nig…

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No citrus to see here

For breakfast Jim made omelets and we used up the last bits of remaining citrus fruits before we have to declare to Canadian Customs.

We headed to Bedwell Harbor.  Smooth as glass across the straights of Juan De Fuca.  Checkin was a snap.  No inspection, but that is because we emptied the boa…

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How many herbs can you name?

Jim and Margaret dropped off a bunch of groceries last night.  Dave was to pick them up today when he was making the rounds on a bunch of errands.  A stop to pick up the mail, a stop to pick up Jim and Margaret, a stop to pick up containers at the Container Store, and finally a stop to pick up the o…

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Electrical Fixes

Jim and Dave have been working to fix some electrical issues before we depart.

First the problem with a previous owner moving the fridge and freezer to the inverter side without moving the associated neutrals.  They thought it would be a hard job.  But nope.  They found the neutrals and moved the…

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Another dingy motor needs love

Dave had been concerned about the dingy motor as he wasn’t seeing the water flow outbound to indicate the engine was cooling properly.  He decided to give the engine a little time and attention.

First, he pulled the dingy up on the back deck at an angle so he could pull the leg off.

He …

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