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Tile Project

Last season the building manager here at the Mexico condo said that we needed to seal the tile on the upper deck each year.  This to keep it from "raining" in the kitchen below during the rainy season.  This made little sense to us as sealants are supposed to be warrantied for multiple years.  Bu…

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Electrical Cabinet Hinge 3D Printed Replacements

The lower left hinge on the glass door over the electrical panel was mucked up. Dave thinks what happened was the hinge froze up and when they opened the door the, cap broke. And, wouldn’t you know it, the replacement hinge is obsolete. Dave went to get some WD40 to try and free up the frozen hinge …

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What is with the electrical system?

Back in April when Dave took possession of the boat, he struggled a bit with the power systems.  For some reason, the breaker on the inverter tripped (in the engine room so was not immediately apparent). He figured at the time that the fridge, freezers, 3 heaters might have been enough to pop it.  W…

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GPS Location on VHF now operational!

Dave went looking for the spare antenna wire. We have two antennas but just one radio so Dave hoped he could find a wire to connect to the new AIS. He took off one of the panels under the helm electronics. Yikes. What a rat nest. He did not find an extra antenna wire but did find a NMEA2000 connecto…

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How much soap do you need to clean a cabinet

Dave went to go fill up the dish soap counter top dispenser. Poured a bunch of soap in. Try it out. Nothing. Put some more in. Nothing. Oh oh.  Looked under the counter and there is no bottle.  It had broken off and now there was soap EVERYWHERE.  Sigh.  And unfortunately due to supply chain issues,…

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As Dave has slowly started to go through the cabinets, he has found them filled to the brim with junk.  4 tape measures (really??), bungy cords, batteries, candles, cabinet hinges, tools, matches, lighters, bbq forks, bug spray, 5 bottles of suntan lotion. Stuff everywhere with no seeming organizati…

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Dave Anxious To Start Boating Season

Dave traveled back from Mexico to Seattle today.  Melissa stayed behind in Mexico as she isn’t ready to leave the sunshine for the rainy northwest.  Dave, on the other hand, is anxious to get started working on his new boat and getting it ready for a summer’s worth of fun!

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Harvest Time

When we first got to Mexico in October, Melissa started trying to grow - from seed - a number of plants.  Tomatoes, peas, onions.  The only thing that she could get to sprout and grow were the tomatoes.  And boy did they grow!

As we are nearing the end of the season, Melissa picked a big b…

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Is it real yet?

For weeks now, Dave has staunchly refused to believe that we are actually buying a big power boat.  He just keeps saying its not real.  Melissa's theory is that he is so excited about the boat that he just can't let himself believe its real - because if something were to go wrong with the sale of th…

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We gonna do this?

For a long time now we have been pondering whether to buy a big motor boat.  Yeah, I know, we are sailors.  Well, ok, Dave is a sailor.  Melissa is cook, deck hand, and supply and logistics officer.  Living aboard a sail boat makes sense if you are going round the world.  But its not the best boat f…

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