Sea Star 7

1998 Bayliner LeClercq

What is with the electrical system?

Back in April when Dave took possession of the boat, he struggled a bit with the power systems.  For some reason, the breaker on the inverter tripped (in the engine room so was not immediately apparent). He figured at the time that the fridge, freezers, 3 heaters might have been enough to pop it.  While it was in this mode, half of the boat had no power. Once he figured out the breaker on the inverter, it immediately tripped the GFCI on shore. Now, none of the boat has power. Going backwards, fast. After fooling around with power up each circuit separately, he restored power to the boat.

The best Dave can figure is there is an imbalance related to running on inverter and connecting to shore power.  Theory is the problem started when someone attempted to move a few circuits from the non-inverter leg over to the inverter leg but didn't do the neutrals correctly. Dave suspects someone wanted to get the freezers to work on inverter but messed it up.  This is probably why we have difficulty connecting to shore power causing Dave to have to develop a sequence to turn on circuits one by one.  Took him some experimentation but he was able to come up with a reliable procedure to keep from popping the GFCI on the dock.  But this is gonna need to get fixed!

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