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Tile Project

Last season the building manager here at the Mexico condo said that we needed to seal the tile on the upper deck each year.  This to keep it from "raining" in the kitchen below during the rainy season.  This made little sense to us as sealants are supposed to be warrantied for multiple years.  But, in fact, the tile did leak and create a bit of a mess.  This was exacerbated by the fact that the deck drains were not functioning properly - so whatever waterproofing failures there were underneath had several inches of standing water atop them for hours.

After much debate, we finally decided to have the tile replaced.  Not so much because we disliked the existing tile but because it all had to be chipped up to water proof properly underneath.  This is a 20 year old building after all - so no surprise that the water proofing has failed.

This was the point of no return:

And here they have begun to put down the waterproofing - same stuff they use to water proof swimming pools.

Melissa had planned to stay to see the project completed.  Alas supply chain issues on the tile we want means a delay of 30 days.  Now that the water proofing is complete, its ok if the rains do come.  The tile installation can wait for a dry day.

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