Sea Star 7

1998 Bayliner LeClercq

Onto Uganda

When we awoke this morning, the buffalo carcass was all but gone.  The hyenas were departing, just as the vultures set in to get any small tidbits that were left.

We then departed the tiny airport next to the camp in a caravan (airplane) for Entebbe.  We were to spend one night in Entebbe before making our way to the mountain region of Uganda where the gorillas live.  We sat up front so Dave could supervise the flying.  He was particularly interested in their use of the Garmin electronics.

In Entebbe we passed through immigration without incident and loaded up into the van.  Though it was disconcerting to see these signs.  We had asked our travel agent before we left the US about the Ebola break out in Uganda.  She ignored our inquiry for a week.  Sigh.  After Melissa pinged her again, she replied that no one seemed too concerned.  We continued to monitor the situation right up to the flight to Uganda.  But the Uganda authorities seem to have the situation well in hand.  They have 90% contract tracing every 24 hours.  So they pretty much have the outbreak locked down.  Plus you have to come in direct contact with bodily fluids to contract it.  Which seems somewhat unlikely given that we are not traveling to areas where the virus has been detected.  So very low risk.  Interestingly, the US CDC is still freaked out.  The US is screening Uganda passenger arrivals.  But Europe's view is much more rational - telling their citizens that they shouldn't do anything dumb, but if they stick to the tourist areas they will be fine.

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