Sea Star 7

1998 Bayliner LeClercq

Do I still have all my teeth?

The Farmhouse where we have been staying has absolutely gorgeous gardens.  They grow the vegetables that they use in the restaurant.  Talk about farm to table!

The staff was all concerned about why we didn’t show up to dinner last night.  The manager and the chef visited our table this morning asking why we didn’t come to dinner.  Didn’t have the heart to tell them that we just couldn’t take another night of over cooked buffet food.  So we leaned on the fact that Dave went to bed early.

Today we made the very long drive across the plains of the Serengeti.  It was rough.  Remind me not to do that again.  Dirt roads in a jeep for 8 hours.  Yes, we took a break for lunch.  But still, enough to pound your teeth out.

The plains of the Serengeti are impressive.  They stretch as far as the eye can see to the horizon and at the horizon there is a mirage that makes you think there might be water, but its just the heat rising from the earth.

Along the way to the lodge we saw more wildlife.  The cats seem to do a lot of snoozing just like your housecat back home.

An old female cheetah snoozing under a tree.

A big male lion snoozing on a rock.

Another leopard snoozing in a tree.

More Zebra.  There are over a million of them in the Serengeti and I think we saw them all today.

Wildebeest.  Also millions of them.

Antelope as far as the eye can see.

This is a new kind of antelope.  A heart beast based on how its horns are shaped.

And more hippos.  Also snoozing.

Along the way we visited the Olduvai Gorge Museum.  This ridge is where Mary Leakey lived.  She excavated in this valley.  That was a bit of history that was fun to see.

The museums have reproductions of a lot of the important skulls that let the Leakey’s determine that human life originated in Africa not Asia.  This is a reproduction of Lucy.

The view from the museum was incredible.

When we got to the camp for dinner, Melissa asked that the chef come out and tell her what of the buffet she could eat.  Seems the only way to make it safe as the staff doesn’t really know what’s in the food.

After dark you have to be escorted by the Massai warriors (complete with their spears) that guard this place to your room as there can be wildlife wandering about the grounds so it isn’t safe to be out by yourself.

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